At SAS (Sustainable Agro Solutions), we have over 25 years of innovation in creating sustainable solutions for agriculture.

From our R&D department comes NOBA, the SAS technological platform.

At NOBA we combine science, technology and imagination to create cuttingedge solutions based on imitating processes from different natural models.

The new techniques we have developed allow us to generate an advanced range of sustainable agro products prepared to optimize results and improve crop quality.

NOBA is the response by SAS to answer the new needs of agriculture.

Sostenibilidad - NOBA


We believe in responsible agriculture and at the same time being able to offer the best results. Our added value is sustainability.

Experiencia - NOBA


More than a quarter century of knowledge and innovation guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products that are respectful to the environment.

Vanguardia - Noba


The staff and equipment of our advanced technology platform ensure the development of advanced solutions for agriculture.



The NOBA technology platform represents a significant breakthrough in the development of innovative solutions for the treatment, nutritional improvement and care of crops.

NOBA is cutting-edge technology, but also represents an attitude.

At SAS we are a leading company, a pioneer in applying the concept of environmentally responsible solutions for agriculture, for that reason we feel that we are participants in the change of attitude that is taking place.

Our main purpose is to convey the value of sustainability.

For that reason we promote the learning of responsible attitudes and we promote the care and conservation of natural resources.

We are currently faced with a growing demand for the production of agro-sustainable and organic food, which has been obtained by using processes that respect the environment. This new way of understanding the relationship with nature, based on harmony and respect, reflects the attitude of a new generation of people who love and work in agriculture. At NOBA we share the values of this new generation.

Our line of action focuses on creating new solutions for crops. Research and the mastery of the various scientific and technical disciplines allows us to develop a new range of solutions that meet the demands of the new generation of farmers, prepared to meet the future needs of agriculture.

The confidence of our clients guarantees the success of our line of action, and we at NOBA want to share the desire to perpetuate the relationship with nature, being a fundamental value to transmit to future generations.


The main factors influencing the increase in crop production (available agricultural soil, water, crop frequency and yield) are reaching the limit of their possibilities.

Today there is a vital need to find solutions that ensure the viability of agriculture in the future.

Technology for crops

We are committed to innovation and technological development for meeting the growing demand for innovative solutions that improve sustainability and profitability of crops today, and that contribute to this being the case in the future.

At our R&D centre we develop different ranges of products incorporating NOBA technology, a new technology inspired by nature, prepared to offer profitable, sustainable and quality results.

Sustainable optimization

Each agricultural environment has its own peculiarities. To ensure the best results in local crops, we design application programs through personalized technical advice.

Our goal is to advise on the optimal use of our products. We have a technical team with extensive agricultural experience, continuous training and specialization in the crops of different geographical areas.

We work closely with our clients to achieve together optimal plant nutrition and achieve maximum sustainable yields.

At NOBA we combine knowledge and experience to improve every day.



At NOBA we look to the future.

We invest in R&D to create sustainable agro solutions that meet the needs of today and ensure the welfare of tomorrow.